Taking the 71-506 exam

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I took the 71-506 (TS: Silverlight 4, Development) exam on Friday. It is a beta exam that means you have to answer 75 questions in 3 hours. You also get to know the results (fail/pass) much later, after the exam is released to the public as 70-506.

Having read the preparation guide I didn’t come across any surprises. The exam had pretty much a bit of everything about Silverlight, so here is a list of the things that you should give extra care if you plan to take the exam:

Some topics that you should not leave home without having good knowledge of, are:

  • Styles, Templates, Data templates
  • Background threads
  • Dependency properties
  • Attached properties
  • ICommand
  • Data binding, Format data
  • Data validation
  • Out-of-browser applications

Other than the above, I remember having questions on the following:

  • Arrange content with panels
  • Navigation framework
  • Collections of items (datagrid, listbox, combo, etc)
  • Play media files
  • Manipulate visuals
  • Animate visuals
  • Implement behaviors
  • Manage the visual state
  • Event handling
  • Consume services asynchronously
  • Create and consume value converters
  • Printing API
  • Isolated storage
  • Interact with the HTML DOM
  • Access the clipboard
  • Read from and write to the host file system
  • Handle alternative input methods
  • Create and consume resource dictionaries
  • Implement localization and globalization
  • Configure the Silverlight plug-in
  • Create a client access policy

As I said, pretty much everything about Silverlight. It reminded me these TV shows where you might know almost everything, but still miss some questions because you simply can not know everything. The same principle applies here. You have to got breadth knowledge of the technology. Have in mind of course that the question pool is - obviously - larger than 75 questions, so there is no guaranty that the same will apply to you in case you decide to take the exam. 

One last thing: I almost had a heart-attack when after two and half hours, a message appeared on the screen and the test restarted! While it was restarting, I remembered similar cases where all the answers were lost but I was lucky. When the test restarted all my answers were there…



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