Treesaver – A JavaScript Framework For Creating Magazine-Style Layouts

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I recently had a conversation with a client about the future of press and how digital magazines and newspapers are the future of the business. When we talked about that I had a few technologies in mind but nothing like Treesaver.

Treesaver is a JavaScript framework for creating magazine-style layouts that dynamically adapt to a wide variety of browsers and devices. Both content and design is shaped with standards-compliant HTML + CSS and no JavaScript programming is required.


It simply searches for the <article> tags and displays the content inside them, makes browsing them possible with prev-next buttons and auto-generates a "contents" menu.

The JavaScript is under 25K gzipped (pretty important for mobile) and works with most modern browsers (degrades gracefully for others).

Note to self: Keep that in mind, it might come handy Winking smile

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