The second blogging day, Which tools can i use for blogging?

Έχουν δημοσιευτεί 02 Ιουνίου 09 05:05 πμ | tolisss 
  The first blogging day was easy not much to say . I am a big newbie on this one. So lets start our blogging adventure. I will see it like a problem that i am going to solve and even move it on step more (hahaha classic eh?) Requirements for blogging I would like to have an offline tool like word to write my posts so i can format the text easily and faster than any Web Base Html Editor I would like to be open source or have a big community that supports it writing addons I want to upload any file along with images and videos Easy screenshot attachment At least C# code formatting abilities Lets start googling on those requirements then . First i fell upon Zountry but it didn’t convince me, i wanted something better than this one. Second attempt and voila

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