The ExcelImporter module

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I am happy to announce the new ExcelIMporter module for both Windows and Web. Released with eXpandFramework v17.2.6.3.

Importing is a complex task, each scenario has difference requirements. So, first off, a short brief on the existing importing solutions found in eXpandFramework.

The ImportWizard module

This module was contributed to eXpandFramework a few years ago from a community member.


  1. Beautiful UI as it is build with the same DevExpress components that XAF uses.
  2. Well integrated, with localization support and skinning.
  3. Imports in batches on a background thread.
  4. Visualization of the Excel Sheet for configuring the import.


  1. It is not a native XAF implementation but a Windows Forms integration into XAF, which makes it really hard to support and harder to EasyTest.
  2. Import configuration cannot be reused.
  3. Does not support the Web.
  4. Poor notification of importing errors.
  5. Can only import *.xlsx files.

The IO module

This module was designed to help move objects graphs in the form of XML out of XAF and again in, using the same domain schema. Below you see the objects generation Graph.




  1. Its a native XAF solution.
  2. The export configuration can be reused as it is stored in the database.
  3. Supports both Win and Web.
  4. The module is EasyTested from these tests.


  1. It only works for the same BO domain.
  2. It only export in a predefined XML schema.
  3. Poor notification of import/export errors.

In addition in the IO module you can find:

The InitDataImporter

This class uses XPO to import from any XPO supported datastore, into different XPO domain model. This is accomplished with the InitialDataAttribute. You can see how to apply it in an XPO object in the XVideoRental demo which ships with DevExpress sources. For example look how it is applied to the Customer class and how it is instantiated for the whole domain. The XVideoRental demo can also be found in eXpandFramework sources so feel free to explore it.

The StorageMapper

This class requires a source and a target objectspace and it will copy a collection of objects and their graphs from one objectspace to the other.

The ExcelImporter module

The new ExcelImporter module integrates the ExcelDataReader project. It follows the same architecture with the rest of the eXpandFramework modules. There are three assemblies you have to use Xpand.ExpressApp.ExcelImporter.dll, Xpand.ExpressApp.ExcelImporter.Win.dll and Xpand.ExpressApp.ExcelImporter.Web.dll or you can use the related nugget packages.

Next are screenshots of the main view.




  1. It is a native XAF solution.
  2. It supports both Win and Web.
  3. The configuration is stored in the database and can be reused.
  4. It can import all the formats supported from the ExcelDataReader project.
  5. It is EasyTested from these tests.
  6. It notifies if errors before commit.


  1. This release does not commit in batches.

I hope this new module will be a great help for many of you. For feedback, questions etc. as always please use the online forums.  

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