ASP.NET Dashboard Designer - XAF integration

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DevExpress released in v15.2.9 an ASP.NET Dashboard Designer (Online Demo). Following eXpandFramework with v15.2.9.3 releases an update to the existing integration of the dashboard suite.


In the existing windows implementation the end user can use the UI to create a DashboardDefinition, assign a few Business object types as datasources and execute the Edit Dashboard action to run the Designer.



Similarly the end user need to perform the same actions to run the ASP.NET dashboard designer and create dashboard over the existing  Business Object domain.


As you can see from the images above the eXpandFramework Dashboard module utilize security and syntax highlight editors integrations. The highlight for the win platform is done with the help of DevExpress XtraRichEdit control  and for the web with the help of ACE cloud9 editor.

For those of you interested in the XtraDashboardTester solution you can find and run the related Easytests for the module. Basically the ASP.NET dashboard designer implementation uses a DashboardDesignerPropertyEditor and a DashboardDesignerController.

As always your feedback/question are welcome in our forums.

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