Fix: Windows 10 laptops with AMD graphics adapter going really slow
27 Ιουνίου 18 07:11 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
Quoting my comment from a discussion thread on the AMD Community website Actually the drivers back from 2015 that Microsoft serves for AMD laptop graphics adapters seem to make Windows 10 crawl (at everything, not just in graphics stuff). Installing the newest ones from AMD (in this case the beta driver) makes laptops work decently […]
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Καταχρηστικές πρακτικές από Δημοτικές Επιχειρήσεις Ύδρευσης / Αποχέτευσης
12 Ιουνίου 18 01:16 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
Θαυμάστε παρακάτω ένα έγγραφο (από ΔΕΥΑ Αγρινίου, έτους 2015) που δείχνει το αίσχος με πολλές επιχειρήσεις ύδρευσης / αποχέτευσης που καταχρηστικά ορίζουν ως τριτεγγυητή για χρέη του ενοικιαστή προς αυτές τον ιδιοκτήτη ενός ακινήτου. Αναφέρει: Δηλώνω δε με την παρούσα, ότι είμαι υπεύθυνος εξ’ ολοκλήρου για την εξόφληση των λογαριασμών, σε περίπτωση κατά την οποία, […]
Twitter #bot or not? Posing as Automation/AI specialist & Python guru
05 Ιουνίου 18 12:46 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
I just came across this strange thing on twitter: Received a notification that some “Virginia A. Osborn” liked a tweet of mine that was a) in Greek b) totally of a subset of Greek residents interest, highly unlikely it would have meant anything to a person with a foreign name. Then I saw that twitter […]
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HowTo: Download and install Windows Live Movie Maker
28 Μαρτίου 18 08:00 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
Unfortunately, Microsoft seems to have gone to extra lenghts to make the Windows Live suite of software go away, without anyone thinking that there were people who were using them and without offering file/project-level compatible replacements for user-friendly tools like Windows Live Movie Maker. Only Windows Live Writer was at some point reincarnated as the […]
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HowTo: Install Skype desktop on Windows 10 (for older webcams)
22 Μαρτίου 18 02:05 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
On Windows 10, Microsoft (they’ve acquired Skype some years ago) provide a Windows Store app for Skype, however Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps like that one don’t support older webcams (even the ones embedded in not-that-old laptops). Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t bothered to provide some frame grabber driver to bridge with DirectShow-based etc. older webcams that […]
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Workarround: IE11 changing download file extension to .zip
21 Φεβρουαρίου 18 11:43 πμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
At ClipFlair Gallery, apart from opening a ClipFlair activity in ClipFlair Studio, downloading of an activity (.clipflair) file is also supported. However, because the component serialization file format of ClipFlair Studio is XML plus media assets packed in .zip archive (with nesting allowed, where components and whole activities can be placed in other activities), Internet […]
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HowTo: Show block on anchor hover and click to keep open with CSS
25 Νοεμβρίου 17 12:02 πμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
I was looking for a way to show a hidden HTML element with just CSS (no Javascript) when mouse hovers over an anchor (say over a “more…” note), while at the same time also supporting touch-only (no mouse) clients, where clicking should show (and keep open) that same element. I ended up combining solutions and […]
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Fix: Windows Update 0x8e5e03fa, 0x800703fa errors
20 Νοεμβρίου 17 03:15 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
Sometime ago, I was receiving errors 0x8e5e03fa and 0x800703fa on several pending updates at Windows 10’s Update pane (found at Settings / Updates & Security / Windows Update from the Start menu). The updates history wasn’t showing many more details, but could see Knowldege Base article numbers (KBxx) for some pending cummulative updates. Trying to […]
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HowTo: open older Pi SD card via USB multi-reader on Raspberry Pi
18 Νοεμβρίου 17 03:02 πμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
After doing sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade on an older Raspbian installation (at a 4GB SD Card), some corruption occured (probably due to lack of space, since I see newer NOOBS asks for an 8GB SD Card), making it unbootable. Would only show the NOOBS splash screen, but couldn’t boot into Raspbian. I just […]
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Fix: WordPress administration UI content area showing up blank
16 Νοεμβρίου 17 05:16 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
Some time ago, at a WordPress 3.3 blog, a friend was getting a blank main area at the administration UI (just the menu was showing up there) when they visited the classic URL of the form http://somesite/wp-admin/. Here is a writeup of some notes I had kept while troubleshooting that issue and then upgrading to […]
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Robot modelling formats for simulation
17 Ιουνίου 17 06:00 πμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
Several XML-based formats have surfaced over the years that can be used to describe a robot. Apart from URDF (and SRDF) of ROS origin, the Gazebo simulator has been promoting SDF (an evolution of URDF with emphasis on physics simulation), while MJCF apart from being available as URDF extensions, also has its own format with […]
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Background info on libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
14 Απριλίου 17 08:01 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
I was just checking some log file saved from Buildbox and seems Qt framework was logging the error: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile Did some quick research on Google (sorry dear Bing) and added the following background info to the respective question on StackOverflow: Some changes in libpng version 1.6+ cause it […]
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Fix: Delphi error MSBuildToolsPath is not specified for the ToolsVersion …
06 Μαρτίου 17 02:06 πμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
This is my answer at: for the issue of Delphi showing on build the error MSBuildToolsPath is not specified for the ToolsVersion "12.0" defined at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSBuild\ToolsVersions\12.0", or the value specified evaluated to the empty string note that in my case it was also showing underlined unit names in the code editor at uses clause […]
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Nested LINQ Aggregate queries vs Nested Foreach statements example
29 Μαΐου 16 02:55 πμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
At Trafilm project’s Metadata ( I have a linked data structure where a Film contains multiple Conversations which contain multiple L3SToccurrences, which in turn contain multiple L3TToccurrences. I had the need to calculate a list of all unique L2language values of L3TToccurrence grand-grand-children for a Film (to keep as calculated metadata for display at the […]
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HowTo: Hide HTML markup from non-signedin users at MonoX Social CMS
26 Μαΐου 16 07:44 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
At MonoX Social CMS, which I use at both ClipFlair Social and Trafilm websites, I was in the need of hiding some HTML markup when the user is not signed-in. The solution for this is to add runat="server" to the HMTL element one wants to hide and then set the Visible property that the object […]
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Gotcha: Calling a label in a batch file fails to redirect output to pathless file
24 Μαΐου 16 07:06 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
In case this bites you too with a "Path not found" error, note that calling a label in a batch file, fails if you redirect its output (useful to log the output of the batch file to a file) and not use a full path for the file to redirect to @echo off call :process […]
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Suggestion: add optional “where” clause to “foreach” statement in C#
16 Μαΐου 16 11:33 πμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
Wouldn’t it be nice if I could use in C# the following syntax? for (SomeType repeaterVariable       in SomeEnumerable       where someBooleanExpressionOfRepeaterVariable)   doSomethingUsingRepeaterVariable; e.g. use this one: instead of this one: BTW, if you wonder what FixTime does, it prepends 0: to time strings to make sure they are of format h:m:s.f Have added […]
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Suggestion: Add instance modifiers to C# (and other languages)
11 Μαΐου 16 12:48 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
I’d like to be able to do someFunctionReturningY(x){ somePropertyOfY=4; … }.DoSomething(); It should also support casting without needing parentheses in the following type of statement: Z zzz = (Z)functionReturningY{somePropertyOfZ=…; … };   The same pattern should work for enums too apart from object instances. It is inspired by initializers in C#, e.g. var x = […]
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HowTo: Copy effective-computed CSS style for specific HTML paragraph
25 Ιανουαρίου 16 02:48 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
I’m in the process of setting up a temporary landing page for the trafilm project, where I need apart from showing the trafilm logo to also show some text description about the project, till I set up an instance of MonoX Social CMS for it, like the one in ClipFlair’s Community website (ClipFlair Social). Since […]
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Fix: Windows Phone update error 80072f8f
28 Δεκεμβρίου 15 06:34 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
I was setting up a new Lumia phone (with Windows Phone 8.1) and neither phone update, nor the (Here) maps downloads were working. When trying Settings / Phone Update, it was showing error 80072f8f and was pointing to to read more info. However that error code wasn’t listed there. Wonder if there is any […]
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Suggestion: If and while etc. clauses should accept bool? in C#
10 Δεκεμβρίου 15 04:33 μμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
At TrackingCam app ( I have the following WPF code, where cbTrackingPresenter is a CheckBox control defined in my MainWindow’s XAML: private void cbTrackingPresenter_Checked(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {       if (cbTrackingPresenter.IsChecked == true)           StartTrackingPresenter();       else           StopTrackingPresenter(); } Note the (redundant in my opinion) == true pattern used there. If the == true […]
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Suggestion: Add Fullscreen and Pin buttons on Titlebar of Windows
09 Δεκεμβρίου 15 05:53 πμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
Here are some suggestions I’ve sent via Windows Insider feedback app for Windows 10: 1) Add the Fullscreen button to titlebar of ALL windows, not just the ones of Windows 8.1 Store apps. UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps don’t seem to show zoom button on their titlebar (to make it and any borders autodisappear and […]
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HowTo: show inner exception message if available, else outer one
09 Δεκεμβρίου 15 05:44 πμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
Sometimes when you catch an exception in .NET, the message it prints out isn’t very informative, since it is wrapping another exception that had been thrown a bit inner in the code. That exception is in that case accessible via InnerException of the Exception instance. That inner exception is also an Exception, so one would […]
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Suggestion: C# static extension methods invokable on class type too
09 Δεκεμβρίου 15 05:30 πμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
it would be nice if C# supported syntax like: public static DependencyProperty Register(static DependencyProperty x, string name, Type propertyType, Type ownerType, FrameworkPropertyMetadata typeMetadata) that is static extension methods for classes, that can be invoked without a class instance (just with the class type), apart from normal extension methods that can be invoked on a class […]
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HowTo: Pause and Resume Speech Recognition with Microsoft engines
07 Δεκεμβρίου 15 09:59 πμ | Μπιρμπίλης Γεώργιος | 0 σχόλια   
At SpeechTurtle application, I’ve just added speech feedback (voicing of a command) when an available command is executed using a mouse click on its name. That could also help the user learn the expected pronunciation in English in case the speech recognition engine doesn’t understand some of the commands as voiced by the user. One […]
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